Solar PV is suitable for all forms of Agriculture as farmers and their farming enterprises operate 7 days a week. Most farm loads are highest during the daytime when electricity from the grid is most expensive. Solar PV will offset these daytime peaks by generating electricity directly on-site. It should also be noted that solar PV is a great way to demonstrate your businesses commitment to sustainable farming practices.

  • Poultry & Piggery farms - have an energy consumption profile complementary to the output of a solar PV system. Constant daytime loads which increase during summer months as more mechanical ventilation is required.
  • Dairies - Energy consumption in dairies tend to increase during summer months as milk yields increase and more chilling of stored milk is required. Solar PV will offset expensive daytime electricity by providing electricity directly on-site.
  • Tillage - crops which need drying and storage require large amounts of energy. Similar to poultry farms, piggeries and dairies, solar PV can provide electricity on site to offset the electricity which otherwise comes from the grid.