It should be no secret that the first step for any business to reduce operating costs and improve sustainability is not to install embedded generation such as solar PV or a wind generator. The first step should always be to reduce your on-site consumption. Once you have reduced your consumption only then should you consider investing in an embedded generator.

One of the easiest ways to reduce operating costs for your business is to replace older lighting technology such as fluorescent, incandescent and discharge lighting with LED. LED lighting is vastly improved in recent years in terms of quality and output. In most cases it is superior in every application that traditional lighting technologies.

As part of our PV solution offering we can audit your premises to determine whether LED lighting is advantageous for your business. We will calculate the reduction in energy use and savings possible from upgrading to LED. Most LED lighting upgrades will have a payback period of 3 years or less. This will serve to lower your base energy consumption therefore reducing the size of PV system required to offset your remaining grid electricity requirements.